Thursday, April 22, 2010


(Cambio de Fecha) A votar to el mundo.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Poems of other poets

Poet is a powerful word,
Once you use it you better be careful
Or you are in deep shit.

You don’t hear it very often
When you are heading Insurgentes
On an orange pesero,
Or walking down La Doctores at midnight
Someone screams at you corre poeta corre,
It might brake your nerves in pieces,
You may need sixteen straight whiskies,
Three transvestites and a good black whore
To calm those voices.

Poet is a strong voice,
You don’t say poet to your love, do you?
Shame on you,
For you could have given so much.

Poet is a word of hope,
Despite the fact it has always been related with poverty,
Poor people wears it a lot,
For poets are gifted with holly craziness
And walk freely through the night
And know the names of rivers, lovers and old songs.

Poets talk all the time about sex,
For a hundred million years they have been developing the issue.
Poets can be woman or man, you never know.

You have fat poets, gay poets like Ginsberg or Lorca,
You have real lunatic poets like Fernando Pessoa.
There is a poet in every corner of la zona colonial,
Tía esperanza los conoce a todos.
Hay calles con nombres de poetas,
Hay detergentes con nombres de poetas,
Hay poetas satánicos y cyberpunks.
Even animals are named out of famous poets
Like Cuki’s cat called Ferlingetti
Or Rodrigo’s dog called Virgilio.

My friend Fernando Vargas has a mental book
Entitled Poems of other poets,
He says hes always hearing their voices
For he has wisdom and strength enough to work it out.
Loud voices, love voices, sad, soft voices
“Eto totico tan encendío poeta”,
“Ayayayayay your gonna die”,
Junk, drunk, gone voices,
Shinning, sharpen voices far from within.

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